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Where do we work?

Our work is concentrated in developing countries with a focus in sub-Saharan Africa. We are launching our first initiative in Tanzania and eventually plan to expand to other countries.


Tanzania is located in the Southern Hemisphere. According to the 2010 data by the World Bank, approximately 12,343,175.2 people comprise the "poor rural population." That is to say, approximately 37% of the total population live in poverty. Moreover, the birth rate (per 1000 people) as of 2009 is 41.5%. Although the prevalence of poverty is variable, it is highest among rural families that specifically depend on livestock and food crop production for livelihood.

Furthermore, the Restless Development Organization, who has been operating for 25 years published an informative National Youth Manifesto study in 2015 called "Tanzania Youth Manifesto." In this study, youth participants addressed their vision for the next five years with regard to the above issues. For educational quality, there were expressed needs for, "an education curriculum that reflects social and economic changes occurring globally and nationally".  Likewise, for the improvement of health services, the needs expressed were, "to improve the provision of youth friendly reproductive health services in urban and rural areas". 

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